What Causes Snoring in Idaho Falls?

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment in Idaho Falls
July 25, 2018
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Snoring, noisy and/or loud breathing during sleep, is said to affect as many as 90 million adults in America, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Although snoring may just seem like an annoying habit, it’s so much more than that. Heavy or excessive snoring can have serious implications on a person’s life socially, physically, and even mentally. Snoring in Idaho Falls can range from light or mild snoring to excessive and heavy snoring. Snoring is most commonly found in overweight adult males, but there are many factors that can contribute to snoring, such as:

  • Lifestyle and habits.
  • Excessive bulkiness in the throat area (this is usually caused by obesity or excessive weight gain in a person).
  • Lack of toned throat muscles.
  • Long soft palate.
  • Obstructed nasal passageways.

While some of these factors are easily remedied naturally and at home, most need to be managed by a medical professional that is experienced with snoring in Idaho Falls. Snoring can also be a tell-tale sign that a person may be suffering from sleep apnea. According to Mayoclinic.orgSleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep, you might have sleep apnea.” A sleep specialist will need to properly assess your current sleeping situation before a diagnosis is established.

How is Snoring in Idaho Falls Evaluated?snoring in Idaho Falls

If you or a loved one is a heavy snorer, you need to seek medical evaluation from a sleep institute immediately. How do you know if you’re a heavy snorer? The following questions will help you to determine if you are in fact a heavy snorer.

  • Do you frequently wake you or your partner up from you loud snoring?
  • Do people comment on your snoring?
  • Do you snore constantly, regardless of your sleeping position?
  • Are you tired, moody, irritable throughout the day?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you need to contact Comfort Sleep Solutions today. We will set up a consultation to evaluate your sleep habits to ascertain whether you are just a loud snorer (there’s help for you) or if you are suffering from something more serious, like sleep apnea. We provided a wide array of sleep apnea treatments to aid in reducing the negative effects of this potentially deadly disease.

At the consultation to assess your snoring in Idaho Falls, a sleep specialist will ask a series of questions, as well as perform a basic examination to determine whether or not you are experiencing a nasal infection or allergy, a nasal obstruction, or an enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids(most common in children who suffer from sleep apnea or snoring)as the underlying cause of your heavy snoring. From here, a sleep study will be performed to learn the severity of your snoring and what treatments will work best for you.

What If I’m a “Light” Snorer?

Many people who snore are generally “light snorers”. Meaning that if they do snore, it’s only occasionally and may depend on their sleeping position or any food or alcohol they consumed the night before. Even if you believe yourself to be just a “light snorer”, talk to a professional before you rule out sleep apnea or a snoring aid.

If snoring is affecting your life in anyway, you can count on Comfort Sleep Solutions to provide the precise treatment to help you sleep soundly once and for all.

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