Oral Appliances

Comfort Sleep Solutions Oral Appliances

The gold standard for treatment of sleep apnea is presently with the C-PAP machine. However, only a minority of C-PAP owners are still compliant after one year. If you are one of the non-compliant, we can fabricate an oral appliance that will help open your airway and reduce the severity of your sleep apnea.


Oral appliances work well when they are custom created for a patient. Many times, people will complain about the “boil and bite” variety being bulky, uncomfortable and not working to alleviate their sleep apnea or snoring symptoms. Other sleep apnea patients are commonly put on a treatment plan that uses a C-PAP machine, however many complain about the bulkiness of the machine, for those people a custom designed oral appliance is a good treatment plan (if recommended by a sleep specialist at Comfort Sleep Solutions.

Oral appliances help to reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea without additional therapies such as medication or surgery. Oral appliances, when designed correctly are able to hold the lower jaw open and forward which in turn prevents the tongue and throat from collapsing which can cause obstructive sleep apnea.

If you’re interested in trying an oral appliance to reduce or eliminate your sleep apnea contact Comfort Sleep Solutions today.