Medical Billing Process

Insurance for Comfort Sleep Solutions

If your doctor has noticed you displaying the symptoms of someone who is suffering from a sleeping disorder, they will recommend that you visit a sleep study institute, such as Comfort Sleep Solutions in order to clarify what type of sleeping disorder you  may be suffering from. Most commonly, we see patients who may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. If you’ve been diagnosed with this common illness, you will need to find out what therapies and treatment solutions are covered by your particular insurance provider.

Usually, if a person has been diagnosed as suffering from sleep apnea, their insurance will cover the treatment. Of course, the amount that you will pay out of pocket will vary depending on your insurance provider, your deductible and other limitations or restrictions written in your insurance contract.

Treatments and sleep testing done by Comfort Sleep Solutions, such as CPAP machines, oral appliances, sleep studies, and other therapy options are generally covered by insurances and Medicare. It’s important that you discuss your insurance benefits with your provider before it’s too late and you’re stuck with the bill! If your confused about any of the benefits that your insurance provides for you, we are more than happy to help you understand the complexities of your insurance benefits.

Contact us today for any questions you have concerning how to get your sleep apnea treatment covered.