Treatments for Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Comfort Sleep Solutions Sleep Apnea Treatments


With over 90 million Americans who snore, we can bet that either you know or are someone whos suffers from snoring. If you wake yourself up in the middle of the night from snoring or feel tired during the day and/or suffer from mood swings, your snoring may be a sign of a more serious problem-sleep apnea.

Comfort Sleep Solutions is here to help you determine whether or not you do in fact suffer from sleep apnea and what treatment options are available for you. In order to make a full recovery, you must first visit a professional sleep specialist in Idaho Falls who will perform a sleep study. From this study and your initial consultation, our specialist will be able to understand your disorder more thoroughly and to see what is really going on once your head hits the pillow. Depending on your results, Comfort Sleep Solutions, may offer one or multiple sleep apnea treatments. Which include, but are not limited to:


CPAP – CPAP, which is just one type of Positive Airway Pressure Devices(others are BiPAP or VPAP) and is a sleep apnea treatment option utilized by Comfort Sleep Solutions for moderate or severe instances of sleep apnea. These sleep apnea treatment machines work by fitting a breathing mask to the front of the face, which usually covers the mouth and nose and supplies air into the throat and/or nose. A CPAP machine is a treatment that uses pressurized air in order to stop the collapsing of a person’s airway in the throat, thus preventing sleep apnea.


Oral Appliances – For less severe cases of sleep apnea and/or snoring Comfort Sleep Solutions suggests using a custom oral appliance. An oral appliance works by holding the lower jaw forward and open during sleep. This reduces the risk of the tongue and/or throat collapsing during sleep. Oral appliances are used to help reduce snoring and symptoms associated with sleep apnea without using more extreme treatment options such as medication, machines or surgery.


Sleep Hygiene – One of the first treatment options and most basic we ask all of our patients to adhere to, is sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene simply means creating habits that assist in a full night’s rest. This can include life changes such as losing weight, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, reducing caffeine intake later in the day, etc.  A more specific list of sleep hygiene habits can be created for you by Comfort Sleep Solutions once we understand more about your individual needs and current sleep hygiene habits.

For more information on whether or not you need the above sleep apnea treatments to help with your chronic snoring and/or sleep apnea, contact us today. We will schedule an initial consultation with you that will help us to ascertain the specific attributes of your sleeping habits and how a sleep study and sleep apnea treatments can get you on the road to sleeping all night for good.