Sleep After Springing Forward : An Interview with KIFK/KIDK

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Sleep is essential to every aspect of our lives. Even losing as little as an hour of sleep at night can cause disturbances and issues during the day that we may not expect. For many, Daylight Savings Time can take a physical, mental and even emotional toll on us if we are not able to make up for the hour lost.

In a recent interview with the Idaho Falls local news station KIFK/KIDK, Dr. Phil Harper of Comfort Sleep Solutions in Idaho Falls states, “When we lose an hour of sleep it usually takes a whole day to get back to normal. “For some people, it may take even longer. We develop a natural rhythm when we go to sleep and when we disrupt those rhythms, it can take a bit to get back to normal.”

While everyone is affected by this time change, persons between the age of 13-20 seem to struggle the most. As Dr. Phil Harper states,”Teenagers really need that sleep for their growth.” In order to combat, the hour lost during daylight savings, Dr. Harper suggests working to create good sleeping habits, “It is really important to create good sleep habits. For example, don’t have a lot of screen time right before you go to bed, avoid caffeine, drinking, exercising, alcohol, things like that. You just want to get into a natural routine and make your sleeping quarters different from your entertaining quarters. So, it’s not really good to actually watch tv in your own bedroom. You should have a separate space for and go to your bedroom where you actually sleep.”

As proponents of healthy sleep habits, Comfort Sleep Solutions offers free sleep screenings and assistance in creating better sleep patterns for the community. You can read the full article and interview from KIFK/KIDK, here.

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