Sleepiness Scale


The following questions are based off of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale in order to measure the levels of daytime sleepiness in individuals. In order to calculate your level of sleepiness use the following scale:


0 = Would Never Doze

1 = Slight Chance of Dozing

2 = Moderate Chance of Dozing

3 = High Chance of Dozing


Sleep Scale Questions

  1. Sitting and Reading _____
  2. Watching Television _____
  3. Sitting inactive in a public place (eg, a theater or a meeting) _____
  4. As a passenger in a car without an hour break _____
  5. When circumstances permit, lying down to rest in the afternoon _____
  6. Sitting and talking with someone _____
  7. Sitting quietly after lunch without alcohol _____
  8. In a car, while stopped for a few minutes in traffic _____


Total Score _____


Sleepiness Scale Scores

If you scored 0-10  you’re normal and most likely aren’t suffering from a sleeping disorder.

If you scored more than 10, you most likely are suffering from some type of sleeping disorder and need to discuss your options with your physician or a sleep specialist immediately.

Contact Comfort Sleep Solutions to explore your options and potential treatment solutions.