Do I Have a Sleep Disorder?

Comfort Sleep Disorder

Do you think you may have a sleep disorder, specifically sleep apnea? Answer the following questions truthfully to help you determine whether or not you are suffering from this serious sleep disorder.


  • I know or someone has told me that I snore.
  • I know or someone has told me that when I sleep I stop breathing.
  • During the day I am always tired, even if I have had seven or more hours of sleep.
  • I have been called a restless sleeper.
  • When I wake up I frequently have headaches or trouble concentrating.
  • I tend to doze or fall asleep easily during the day.
  • I/others have noticed a change in my personality/moods.
  • I have high blood pressure.
  • I am considered overweight or obese.
  • My neck is larger than 17 inches (male) 16 inches (female).


These questions are in no way considered a diagnosis by a medical professional, but are rather a tool that can help you to narrow down your symptoms. If three or more of these questions are true for you, contact Comfort Sleep Solutions for a consultation.